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Balloons Unlimited Over Virginia

Balloons Unlimited Flight over Middleburg, VA

Flying HorseIt's vacation time again, and this summer I had a unique opportunity to ride along in a hot air balloon with my dad who lives outside of Washington D.C.

Dad's been looking forward to this for years and we talked about it for months leading into my trip up North this past June. I live in what most people think of as the deep south and can deliver a hardy y'all without skipping a beat.

We booked our flight with Balloons Unlimited, Inc. in Middleburg, VA and launched from the Flying Horse Farm. For the record, we did not see any flying horses though I have little doubt they were watching us and wishing they could fit inside the gondola.

Our pilot was Robert Thomas (pilot bio) who setup, launched, and flew his FireFly balloon like the pro he is, all while entertaining us with stories of previous adventures including the time he accidently set his balloon on fire while watching a young hottie climb out of the gondola. Robert, if you wish to add a comment in your defense, I will gladly post it.

We launched at 7 AM on July 1st, 2012. All the memorable moments of the flight are captured in the video below for your enjoyment.

"Gaze at the sky
And picture a memory
Of days in your life
You knew what it meant to be happy and free
With time on your side"





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