Keeping an Eye on Time

Titan II Missile Museum

In the Spring of 2018, I drove from Florida to California and back again, a trip of about 5,400 miles. One of my destinations was the Titan II Missile Museum in Green Valley, Arizona. I booked what is called a top to bottom tour, which runs about five hours and covers not just the control center, but all levels of the silo and equipment area as well. For anyone interested, book your tour six months to one year in advance at the Titan Missile Museum website.

I served on a Titan II Missle launch crew back in the day and came prepared to document the entire complex in both high definition photos and video. All told, I took 235 photos and have about four hours of video. I took the photos with a wide angle lens which sometimes shows up with slightly curved edges. Due to confined spaces within the missile complex, this was necessary to get the photos.  I will share the photos below and add the videos as I get them processed. Enjoy.

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