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Clock World Sepia 01My Top Ten Favorite Time-Themed Songs

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The Internet is full of lists. Everywhere you look someone has published another list. So, you may be thinking, "Great, another list," and you may be right, but hopefully this will be a list with a twist.

In this list are my favorite time-themed songs. Now, if you run some searches on songs and time, you'll find lots of lists. There's lists of songs about time. There's lists of songs with the word time in it title. There are lists of songs with the word time in the lyrics. So what makes this list different?

My favorite time songs are not necessarily about time, but rather songs that say something profound about time or through the song's narrative, express the singer's revelation or epiphany concerning time. For example, in one of the songs in my list, the singer looks upon their own reflection and sees and old person and asks rhetorically if "that person is really me?" It is a moment of coming face-to-face with mortality and what that looks like through the singer's point-of-view, so without further ado...

Let's begin the count down with song #10.

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