Keeping an Eye on Time

Play Time

Play Time

These three Flash based games are a great way to waste time. I stumbled upon each at some point over the years and saved the Shockwave file for posterity's sake. Over the past few years however, Flash is slowly being retired. As of this writing, it will still run with a user granting permission via a browser pop-up, but it's hard to say how long browser support will last.

So...for the time being, enjoy the games while there's still time!

Ripley's IQ

My favorite of the three is Ripley's IQ.
It's a very simple Flash based puzzle.

Ripley Game
Bash The Computer

Bash the Computer

Bash the Computer is a simple game that offers a release for all the pent-up frustration modern computers give us.

Falling Girl

Falling Girl is not so much a game, rather a demonstration of inverse kinematics. Having roots in 3-D vector modeling and animation, I found this demostration quite facinating. Besides, it's still a great way to waste time.

Falling Girl

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